September 29th @ Casa Libre's Fair Reading Series

The Fair Weather Reading Series Presents...
Jennif(f)er Tamayo 
joined by Julia Kinu and Aura Valdes
Saturday, September 29th
At the Global Justice Center (225 E 26th St, Tucson, AZ 85713)
$5 suggested donation
This venue is wheelchair accessible!


Past Events 2013-2017

03. 24.17 @ 7PM @ Diesel Books, Oakland California with Mg Roberts, Alli Warren and others.  

03.21.17 @ 3PM Della Davidson Studio University of California-Davis for Growing Tales with Larval Rock Star, Jess, Alvaro Hernandez, and others.

12.09.16 7PM @ SECTOR 2337 for the Poet's Theatre Festival in Chicago, IL

10.12.16 7PM @ KGB Bar for the Emerging Writers Series at New York University

09.27.16 6PM @ Towson University

06.01.16 7PM @ Berls Books for the launch of the Ruth Stone Reader with Cathy Linh Che, Carolina Ebeid, and Rachel Eliza Griffith 

05.06.15 7PM @ NYU for Borders & Diasporas with Rodrigo Toscano

04.24.15 @ The Multifarious Array with Anna Vitale, Anne Lesley Selcer, and Uljana Wolf. 

04.06.15 @ Colorado University's CODE SWITCHING & RECODING LANGUAGE with Cathy Linh Che & Mykki Blanco

03.27.15 for UNDOCUPOETS @ The Asian American Writers Workshop with Wo Chan, Sonia Guinansaca, Javier Zamora and Christopher Soto.

03.26.15 @ Elaine Kahn's book party at BookThug Nation

03.15.15 3-5PM @ In Your Ear in Washington D.C. 

03.16.15 @ The Poetry Project Monday Night Reading Series with Rosa Alcala

03.07.15 2PM @ DIA Beacon for CRYING; A PROTEST

03.1- 3.3.15 @ Small Press Traffic and  Mills College withCassandra Troyan and Amy De'Ath

02.19.15 @Columbia University with LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs and Trisha Low

02.05.15 7PM @The Poetry Foundation Chicago, IL

01.25.15 @ BLT Salon with Montana Ray and others

01.07.15 @ The Poetry Project for "What is a Reading?"


12.06.15 (Philadelphia, PA) @ 7:30PM  at The Rose Room in Snockey's Oyster House with Amelia Bentley, Erin Morrill, and Lucas de Lima

11.22.14(Los Angeles, California)  Poetic Research Bureau with Gregory Betts and Mark Johnson

11.15.14 (Atlanta, GA) at Emory University for What's New in Poetry!  7PM with Coconut authors Stephanie Berger, Emily Toder and others!

11.1.14 (Providence, RI) for Wild Combination 7PM with Ted Dodson & Mina Pam Dick

10.25.14  (Brooklyn, NY) QUINCEANERA KARAOKE!    YOU DA ONE  Launch @ Wendy's Subway 

10.12.14 (New York, NY) Zinc Bar with Dawn Lundy Martin

10.2.14 (Brooklyn, NY) Deadfalls & Snares NYC Book Launch with Samantha Giles & Ariel Goldberg  @ Berl's Books


7.11.14 @ 7:30 PM OMIDIOSA @ Bureau for General Services- Queer Division with Lucas de Lima and Monica McClure                                                                                                                                                                       7.3-5.14 @ EAST BAY POETRY SUMMIT for MANIFEST with many friends, including: Erin Morrill,Stephen Boyer, Cathy Wagner, Feliz Molina, Jackie Wang R. Erica Doyle,  and Ana Bozicevic. 

6.27.14 @7PM for GEMSTONES- Cat Call 

5.27.14 @ 5:30 PM at McNally Jackson's Elizabeth Garden Series with Cecilia Corrigan, Cassandra Gillig, Sophia Le Fraga, and Camille Rankine.  

4. 30.14 @ 8PM for Ear Inn with Amy Lawless

3.14.14 for The SACRED WOODS SERIES @ THE QUEENS TAVERN with Lonely Christopher

3.1.14 @ AWP Seattle with Alice Blue + Bloof + Coconut @ The Pine Box-6PM

2.28.14 @ AWP Seattle for SHITLUCK with Macgregor Card, Cecilia K Corrigan, Elaine Kahn, Kit Schluter and Matt Longabucco @ 830PM                                                        

2.27.14 @ AWP Seattle with Switchback, Les Figues, and Coconut @ Velocity Dance Center @11PM.                         

1.25.14 for The SACRED WOODS SERIES @ THE QUEENS TAVERN with Charles Bernstein and Josef Kaplan

12.8.13 @ Zinc Bar with Jen Benka and Carol Miracove

10.13.13 @ Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge

10.12.13 @ ColdCuts Reading Series in New Orleans

 7.27.13 @ The New York Poetry Festival for IRL with Sophia Le Fraga

6.22.13 @ Popsickle Festival for Stain of Poetry

6.1.13 @ Filthy Sluts & Pure Damsels   more info TBD 

5.14.13 @ WHAT'S SO HOT SALON: APOCALYPSE DRIBBLE  with Danielle Pafunda, Lara Glenum and Daniel Borzutsky. 7-9PM

5.10.13 @ Bureau of General Services- Queer Division with Andrew Durbin & Ian Hatcher. 7PM

 4.20.13 @ The Museum of Modern Art- with Belladonna* for "Transform the World; Poetry Must be Made by All" 3-4PM 

4.5.13 @ Activism & The Archive Era-   6-9PM                              159 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

3.8.13 @ AWP w/ Coconut, Switchback & Bloof Books @ The Delancey, Boston, MA