for S on our 7th Year

we, the fucked

you the fucked who rubbed basil to your cheeks to impress me

me the fucked who couldn't guess the herb blindfolded or not

we the fucked who ill & ill after drugs 

in the morning together watched Disney’s Beauty & the Beast 

tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme

two buckets for puke; a gunshot through your Honda Element

it was DC it was the Black Cat it was 2007

you the fucked who live in my gash, my heart

we the fucked who spill love puke love diarrhea love

me the fucked the night i threw you out

we the fucked prone to a violence

we the fucked who wipe clean the milk from the stage

love like everything else has an edge, an end

it was baton rouge it was the end of summer it was 2009

you the fucked prone to me

we the fucked who no longer write poetry out of love

but out of some kind of politics, we the fucked

we the fucked boiling on the earth

we the fucked refusing to be replaced

we the fucked who say i love you with a doubt

to speak doubt of love might be the only real love

we the fucked full of selfies

we the fucked unimagined, incapacitated by the language of love

is there another word for the way we feel now

if not, can there be

we the fucked who bleed at death camps together

like two pubed babes on lavish vacay 

you the fucked open to my dramatics like a canyon, a natural thing

me the fucked capable of love like in a david foster wallace short

we the fucked terrified of family life- what kind of hierarchy is that

we the fucked who smoke cigarettes on a window sill, talk of our students

like they are some urban pastoral for the saving

we the fucked, the so totally fucked

its was New York City, it was the eternal winter of our discontent,  it is 2014

we the fucked talk of art & summer

we the fucked up all night learning the lyrics to Super Bass

when he make it drip drip kiss him on the lip lip

we the fucked breaking our bones to be queer; the modern romance 

we the fucked --who are we to each other now, Sean

we the fucked who love out of desperation, also devotion

we the fucked who carry each other's failures like key chains

we the fucked who have caused hurt who have triggered hurt in each other

we the fucked brave to contend with eachother's fuckedness

who try to see it as gift 

badness is badness in the human

i love your badness, is that okay

life is hard and that's that

we the fucked who try because we are pathetic

privy to empathy; we the fucked are mapped as such

we the fucked who will be in the dirt soon who will soon forget

we the fucked tender to each other's tender

we the fucked plushy for the earth, for bodies

wobbly, weak, weary, unable

we the fucked with all our moisty openings

you the fucked ready for the sun's burning, me the fucked with eyes for stones

we the fucked arranged so properly 

we the fucked with all these lovely ventricles in our bodies

braided from the inside like a children's story

it’s already a memory-type

you the fucked with your limbs all & ready

me the fucked with all the wrong sets of eyes

me the fucked still full of romance; plz rip this from me

you the fucked what will you do with your goodness

we the fucked with the littlest human material to understand the ways in which we are indebted to each other