It was 5:56 and u were so real to me

thank u for letting me be 

ur biggest mom last nite

cuz I got wet and then you got wet

and then you got the chardonnay from your fridge

after all the drugz were doneish

u are so not real to me

but u can you still be my tiniest dad

that sea of kelp feeling—will you drape it on your genitals?

so I can see u better

one time u cried to that nina simone song

bcuz it meant I was not real to u


and earlier I had cried to that too, son

in the sea of kelp, that meant we were "crying" together

like two pubed babies on an astral plane 

tears are for fakers 

is what everyone is saying on the news

don't worry bb, i'll be your best faker